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THIS Lady Says Gold Will DROP To $1300 By The End Of The Year! .com/watch?v=1H2RWv2MdEU

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15 Replies to “THIS Lady Says Gold Will DROP To $1300 By The End Of The Year!”

  1. I’ll be jumping for joy if gold Falls to 1300. Through the last economic crisis in 2008 it went down I believe to $900. Just imagine what it will do to silver. I hope this lady is right ?. 🥳🥳

  2. I think that as recession sets in deeper, gold will be become much less affordable. How long will it remain unaffordable before the price of gold begins to drop due to lower demand driven by unaffordable gold prices? 🤔

    I also believe it is all manipulated. So speculation although being fun to do is also useless.

    Great video! 👍

  3. I heard the cost of mining an ounce of gold is now $1250, so I doubt we’ll see $1300 levels again, just based on that alone.

  4. Ok, I just sold all my gold at $1,800, so I can by back more when it drops to $1,300. Who’s with me? 😂

  5. They do know what Gold is worth, however to make the most money you need to use the shorts. Stackers are a different breed, those guys aren’t the movers and shakers just another Biome of the economy who perhaps in the future might have a bigger role to play when fiat looses its luster.

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