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Exactly How To Get Gold Bullion Fast in Fallout 76|2022 Obta…

Exactly How To Get Gold Bullion Fast in Fallout 76|2022
Obtain your secret solution shield and also various other strategies in no time! With this overview you’ll be going after the most gratifying occasions, no much longer losing time at the incorrect occasions. This video clip discusses the ideal means to obtain gold bullion quickly as well as easy.

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00:00 Intro.
00:25 Two Note Events (Possibly the most effective! View to see why).
01:53 Three Note Events.
03:12 Four Note Events.
03:35 The Plug.
04:28 The BEST of the most effective.
05:20 Real Plushies to buy! (Outro).

Exactly How To Get Gold Bullion Fast! 2022.

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Obtain your secret solution shield as well as various other strategies in no time! With this overview you’ll be going after the most fulfilling occasions, no much longer throwing away time at the incorrect occasions. This video clip describes the ideal methods to obtain gold bullion quickly and also easy. You do not require any type of expensive tools to obtain begun. Just How To Get Gold Bullion Fast!

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  1. If you found this helpful, hit that like button! Also, don’t forget to subscribe if you want to see more! What other tutorials would you like to see?

  2. You get treasury notes from events, not bullion. You’re still limited to 400 bullion daily (except during double bullion “Gold Rush” events)

    1. @Zach Wright The daily cap is doubled, not the rewards. It’s the same for the Caps and Scrip versions. You just get the opportunity to turn more items in.

  3. That’s a massive amount of Legendary Cores. A big issue is that Legendary Module don’t keep up with the Legendary Cores

  4. Damn dude, u don’t even need to get one treasury note and you’d prob be fine for the rest of the games lifespan. 30k bullion? Fuckin A.

    1. It adds up quick when you grind the events I mentioned! Only being able to turn in 40 a day I don’t think I’ll ever catch up. They’ll also add up once you’ve gotten most of the things you want from the gold vendors

    1. Purified Water is an easy route.

      My current method is crafting Treasure Hunter Outfits for 3 cloth & 1 oil and selling them for 29 caps to vendors.

  5. First of all project paradise is easy. Friendly fire with a flamed melee weapon to heal the animals. NO ONE DOES IT. Also you need minimum 3 people at least to do it. GL finding people intrested.

    2nd if your not 1 of the first 5 to join colossus then it creates a second event, usually this is the group the rejects join, and pray there’s a railway commando otherwise your going to fail.

    1. Eh don’t be so pessimistic. Any decent bloodied build can take down Earle. I can solo him so I know there are plenty of others that can.

  6. Just FYI, The Daily: Photo Opportunity from Davenport rewards treasury notes as well. You can also farm reputation with the settlers/raiders. Davenport is located in the basement of the Overseers’ home in Sutton. To farm reputation, give the photos to the opposing party and then lie to Davenport (Requires 8+ Charisma.) . He’ll still reward you with the Treasury Notes even though he didn’t get the photos. 😎

    1. You’ll need to complete the wastelanders quest. I believe smiley pops up after you have access to vault 79.

    1. @Jay L. if you still haven’t figured out where to trade, there’s someone in foundation next to the gold press machine who sells items for gold, and a mister handy in the crater core who also sells plans (and some items) for gold, and lastly someone in vault 79 who sells tons of plans for gold. Hope this helped some bit.

  7. As a dadbot who recently start playing FO76, these are great, simple, easy vids. A sub for you Sir!

    1. @Baker Nerdz your vids are a great outcome for dads like myself. With limited game time, i like the lenght of your instructions. Simple, clear and straight to the point! Currently munching trough the vids. This one and the weight carry vid are very very usefull! If you are thinking about content, i would love a vid on how to make a great powerarmor, at this time i hardly use it bc of the weightcarry and i have no clue where to start finding plans and which one to go for. And maybe how to get ammo lots of it fast hahah. I know there was a glitch and it was patched but without it, how do you farm ammo? Bc i can do 1 or 2 events and i am back beeing broke again on material for ammo 😉 yes this dadbot has some stepping up my game to do 😉 but with your guidance vids wont be a hussle that much 😉

  8. What armor are you wearing in this video. Withe the skulls on the belt. Please any info. Been 3 yrs since I played FO76. Just getting back in to it.

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