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Goldback Vs. Gold Bullion; Which is Better? .com/watch?v=TeukQBgWALQ

Which is better goldbacks or gold bullion? Could regular gold bullion be used for transactions instead of the goldback? In this video we look at premiums and just how much gold exists in these unique notes. I stack silver and gold to hedge against our debt-fueled, fiat currency-based economy that I am convinced is in severe trouble. Consider stacking silver and gold yourself to help you build and preserve wealth. And thank you for watching Campbell’s Coins! CHAPTERS 00:00 Intro 00:15 Thesis 1:20 What is a Goldback? 2:40 Misconceptions to Bullion 3:10 Goldback Costs 4:43 Goldback vs. Silver Coins 5:30 Goldback vs. Gold Bullion 6:32 Gold Bullion Alternatives 7:21 Goldback Pros 9:14 Goldback Purpose 9:47 Practical Usage 10:40 Gold Grams Good? 12:26 Where Goldbacks Shine 13:19 Recap Reach me: [email protected] Follow me on Instagram for more gold and silver content Mailing: Campbells PO Box 911 Davis, CA 95617 If you’re looking to support my channel, consider using one of the Amazon links I have listed below. It costs you NOTHING to use my links and you don’t have to purchase the item in the link. Thank you all! Items I use: Capsules for Silver Eagles: Capsules for Gold Eagles and Gold Buffalos: Capsules for Gold Maples and Britannias: Plastic coin flips: Clear coin display easel: Jewel lupe: Small Scale: Cotton gloves: My camera set up; Camera: Camera lens: 100mm Macro lens: Microphone: Other Goldback videos: DISCLAIMER: I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and B&H Affiliate Program, both an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Some of the above links are affiliate links where I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. I am not a professional financial adviser, nor do I offer financial advice. This video is for entertainment only. Please consult your investment and tax experts for financial advice. Music and sound effects by: Topics Discussed: Goldback,Goldback vs gold bullion,goldbacks utah,goldbacks currency,should i buy goldbacks,what are goldbacks,gold coins,gold stacking,buying goldbacks,value of goldbacks,where to buy goldbacks,should you buy goldbacks,gold bullion,gold coin,gold bar,gold investment,are goldbacks worth it,goldbacks value,goldback vs gold bar,goldback vs gold bars,goldback vs gold coin,goldback vs gold coins,must watch,watch what happens,transacting in gold

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    1. I’m from Brazil, I and two other of my friends tried her immediately we testified, her performing wonders

    2. Thanks to you all for your testimonies, it has helped me greatly I thought the were not real but I will now boldy testify… she’s strategies is awesome

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  2. Sadly the Goldback’s lack of durability makes them more like a “baseball card”… IE, condition matters, which makes them non-fungible. That’s an issue when it comes to trade. Bullion suffers the same issue, but then again, bullion also isn’t intended to be carried around in your wallet. Personally, I think that “blended coins” might be a better option. Let’s say a low value coin might be 95% silver, 5% gold. A high value coin might be 80% gold, 20% silver (don’t go all the way to 24k for durability reasons). Establish standard weights / mixes / dimensions. At that point, I don’t care “who” minted it, or what the design might be, just the melt mix.

  3. As a stacker and prepper, I have $5 in goldbacks and no plans to purchase more. I’ve been purchasing bullion.

  4. I think you make a good case for all stackers to stack at least some Goldbacks. You don’t seem convinced yourself, but you give lots of good reasons why Goldbacks are much better for regular purchases than other gold bullion products. The one major thing you didn’t address is that the Goldback isn’t just a bullion product, it is a monetary system. That means it makes more sense to me to compare the Goldback to other currencies than it does to compare it to other bullion. Goldbacks are certainly superior to fiat.

  5. Thanks for doing this analysis and the comparison… I instinctively thought the goldbacks were more of an overpriced novelty at the moment, and with your research, it’s confirmed. Thanks again!!!

  6. Nice hypothetical argumentation, however I can buy a candy bar down the street from me with a goldback, not gold bullion or silver. I can also buy a NH goldback for 30 cents cheaper than the exchange rate from Defy The Grid. Have fun arguing while I’m actually using gold to buy stuff!

  7. I’m looking at the Goldbacks like the 1980’s CD player. In time I think the Goldbacks will come down in price.

  8. Come on stackers. I’m here in Utah and I love the beautiful Goldback but if you would seriously take it over bullion right now?? Opinion not advice

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