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Eversoul Launches For Android and iOS – Hardcore Droid

Saving Souls

The Eversoul launched on Google Play and the App Store on December 5th. The new idle RPG in an original fantasy world, players take the role of a “Savior” tasked with recruiting playable characters called “Souls.” It’s up to the Savior and their Souls to save their world from an invading evil.

Eversoul is published by Kakao Games and developed by Nine Ark Inc. They describe the gameas having ambitions “beyond what is traditionally expected of an idle RPG.” It’s unclear what that means, but it likely refers partly to Eversoul’s combat system, which heavily emphasizes timing and positioning. It also “Intertwines dungeon crawler elements with “PvP arena content.”

Each Soul has a unique skill set and access to spirit-infused artifacts, encouraging players to collect them all. Saviors can use the game’s relationship system to befriend or romance Souls, increasing their effectiveness in battle. Players can also assign souls to perform various jobs producing experience points and other resources. This is how Eversoul’s idle gameplay works, with Souls working ther side jobs while the player is away. Players can also customize the town to unwind while they aren’t busy saving the world.

Kakao Games is a fairly big name in mobile and online gaming, publishing titles like Black Desert Online, ArcheAge and the Korean release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, among others. Meanwhile, Nine Ark Inc. is a new studio established in 2019. Eversoul is the company’s first game, though Nine Ark consists of industry veterans with over a decade of experience in mobile game development.

Players can downland Eversoul now from Google Play and the App Store. Also, be sure to check back later for our review of Eversoul here on Hardcore Droid.

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