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Does it make good sense to acquire gold bullion coins now? G…

Does it make good sens e to acquire gold bullion coins now? Gold is doing well, there is a great opportunity of a no-deal BREXIT, the extra pound is doing terribly. Is currently the best time to acquire gold bullion? JULY 2019 – 2% discount rate on every little thing at with this months unique code KEITH After that this is most welcome, if you would certainly such as to make a contribution to the network to reveal your assistance. Please utilize this web link Currently on Instagram also follow me and also conversation to me there. 786 Please see and also sustain network enroller The Silver Forum at for the very best babble and also info on coins, silver, gold as well as a lot more. #numismatics #collecting #preciousmetals

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  1. No deal brexit plz! Need a bullion run! Gooooo Boris👍
    You think the 2019 yale will increase in premium?
    Bullion is always the way.

  2. I’m buying 1911 D gold saints instead of gold bullion when I can afford it . Until then deep cameo Morgans will be my big money purchases . Everyone loves DMPL even common dates

  3. We are now coming to end of times, and all the signs of Revelations that Jesus told us about two thousand years ago, are coming fourth. It will not matter, if you have the rarest gold coin, or indeed any very rare coin, all depends on what a person is happy to pay for it. As sadly when currencies collapse, gold and silver will be the only true value of wealth and use. When this day comes, it will not matter if you have the rarest gold or silver coin in the world, it will only ever be worth its weight in gold or silver. So from collectors point of view, if you get enjoyment from owning a rare gold silver or copper coin, and are happy to buy it, then enjoy what is left of life, but always keeping in mind what I have said.

    1. @Gold Stacking Jesus, said do not hold your wealth in gold or silver, where thieves can steal it, corrode and go to nothing. but build your wealth in heaven, where you spend eternity. The moral of What Jesus meant, is do not think that gold and silver is everything in life, for when you die, you cannot take it with you. Store your wealth in Heaven, where if you have been allowed in, you spend eternity with god.Use gold and silver properly, and to help others and enjoy life, and keep to gods law. With the Governments that continue to over spend, and with big risks of inflation its always better to keep, your savings in gold and silver, as over time currency devalues, so its always good to keep some in gold and silver. In heaven their is no time, as a day in heaven is thousand years on earth, BC AD. God said, I am the beginning and the end.

    2. @Gold Stacking Some Jews believe in Jesus and many do not. You have chosen not to believe. Jesus is the son of God, not god. He is not a prophet, but the son. God the farther, god the son, god the holy ghost. As regards gold and silver, no precious metals or stones will be of any value to anybody, if an economic melt down were to happen, because its only used now as a barter against currency collapse. Were that to happen, and you could not get food or materials, no gold silver or stones would be any good to anybody. The only reason its of high value now, is because currencies are backed by gold to back its currency coin, and paper money of no value. Gold, and to a lesser extent silver has value for the reasons given, If currency collapse happens which it will, because Jesus said it will, these metals will mean nothing, only survival by having food and a roof over your head. Gold and silver are only any good all the time you can, barter buy and sell it, but once collapse happens it will be worthless. We are now approaching end of earths time, and Jesus will soon return, but first the anti-christ will come, to give false peace on earth, and the Jewish will be taken in. The signs are there, but you do not see them, because you do not believe. Gold coins and silver coins are collected for their interest, and beauty, and to keep their value while man still lives on the earth, and because gold and silver is a rare mineral, but that is all. But as said, Jesus said keep your wealth in heaven, not on earth where it can be stolen, and decay into dust. Use gold and silver to look after yourself, and help others, but not for greed, as it will turn against you.

    3. @Gold Stacking There are many Jews that do not believe, but now many more are believing. They are not going against anything. Jews that do not believe, will be punished by god. All the teachings of Jesus are very relevant. Regarding stacking metals, yes correct at present, but when the world goes into economic collapse as said it will be worthless. Survival will be more important then any minerals, food and water, and gold and silver will, and cannot replace this. All the time we have world economies, do trade, then gold and to a lesser extent silver will be used, but when this happens, it will be worthless.

  4. Any new information on brexit? I know that October date you mentioned has passed. I don’t keep up with it much as an American but I am interested in the opinions of the people it effects.

  5. Started watching, heard you say “Europe” instead of “the European Union” and stopped watching. It’s not a small difference, it’s politically biased language that only people of a specific political persuasion use as shorthand.

  6. Bullion makes perfect sense mate. Not having some stupid collector attachment come time to sell makes it so much easier.

  7. What is your view on picking up bullion gold sovereigns at this time in the face of the recent flood of central bank stimulus and the recent spike in gold prices. Wait and see or full steam ahead?

  8. I will stay with the pre decimal sov,s and bullion ! Also silver proof and bullion semi numismatic and generic ! Here in Australia still can find deals ! Premiums are up ! So whats up i hold and when down i buy ! Also slabbed and all !

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