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5+ Ways to Spot a FAKE vs REAL Gold Bar (PAMP Edition).



REAL vs phony gold produced bars, as well as just how to inform them apart:. PAMP Suisse is renowned for generating a few of the globe’s most stunning as well as splendid rare-earth element items- yet exactly how can you make sure you’re denying an economical reproduction? In this video clip you’ll find out just how to detect the distinction in between a phony as well as an actual gold bar, in addition to a number of examinations our team at MyGold can go to aid you on your investing trip. From aesthetic aspects to chemical components, it’s excellent to understand the warnings of a phony bar prior to you purchase. Seeking to purchase gold in Auckland, New Zealand? At MyGold ® Gold Merchants, you can market and also get gold bullion, gold coins, gold bars and also even more! Easily situated in main Auckland, our group of expert Gold Merchants will provide you with 999.9% pure rare-earth elements.

20 Replies to “5+ Ways to Spot a FAKE vs REAL Gold Bar (PAMP Edition).”

  1. Does the same go for silver?
    I assume if you buy from a reputable mint or bank that a cert should accompany?
    When selling, I also assume you don’t allow buyer to take it out back of not allow out of your sight?

    1. Yes, this works for silver coins. Certificates can be easily faked so should not be relied upon.

    1. Not entirely correct. Depends on the items. Some are quite obvious, others not so much.

    1. You’d be surprised. Often people can be tempted by cheaper prices. Yet, what’s the saving when you lose 100% of your money buying fake gold.

  2. Ive heard china is making fake gold bars from tungsten with a thick gold plating that will pass all the non destructive tests. Only way to know for sure is to cut in half or drill. Most people that have these will never know.

  3. If they use tungsten for the core or lead they can get the bar dimensions and weight almost perfect

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