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14 Years of Buying Gold as well as Silver – Here’s What I’ve…

14 Years of Buying Gold as well as Silver – Here’s What I’ve Learned
Should you acquire gold and also silver? Is acquiring gold as well as silver a financial investment? I’ll inform you exactly how it’s gone for me after 14 years of purchasing.

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I get gold as well as various other possessions on a buck price ordinary routine and also after that acquire even more as cost as well as passion enable. If you desire to understand even more concerning getting gold coins, that is my key emphasis right here.

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That isn’t amused looking at gold coins? As an Amazon Associate I might make payments from certifying acquisitions. Any kind of possible payment I gain will certainly not adversely impact your acquisition.

Should you acquire gold as well as silver? Is purchasing gold as well as silver a financial investment? I acquire gold as well as various other properties on a buck expense ordinary routine as well as after that acquire even more as rate and also passion enable. If you desire to recognize even more concerning purchasing gold coins, that is my key emphasis below. That isn’t delighted looking at gold coins?

18 Replies to “14 Years of Buying Gold as well as Silver – Here’s What I’ve…”

  1. Well I’d say you did right cause I’m sure you got more than me! And we all know he who dies with the most toys wins!

  2. Buy Gold and Silver as insurence againts societal collapse. It’s not a investment. Its in the same category as Guns Ammo salted meat and diesel. Most people will spend their money at Costco

  3. I have $1,500 in gold in a bracelet on my wrist. It’s my insurance policy incase I’m ever in s bad situation. In another country or whatever…It’s a nice bracelet and it gives me security and pleasure to wear it. I never take it off.

  4. Decent and honest video, without imposing anything!
    Btw, what is the difference in percentage between buying and selling prices in bullion shops? Say u buy a golden medal today, and sell it tommorrow?
    Here it goes as much as 7%…

  5. 15 years ago I should have been getting more gold…just had some silver…I thought 500-600 was expensive per ounce of gold…

  6. IMO, the problem with stacking is it’s really hoarding and just makes no sense. The majority of stackers aren’t the personality type to buy the dip and sell the rip. They miss out over and over.
    ( I say this with love ) They idiotically buy to essentially dollar average on an asset ( which is a horrible strategy ) that often comes with a premium that requires a 1 std dev move on a 6 sigma curve to be in the money on the REMOTE chance that someday it’s all a hedge vs some fiat apocalypse while ignoring the history of the Great Depression where all gold was ordered back to the Treasury by law and was banned from all use in commerce, essentially worthless until it could be traded for….fiat currency again, at a capped rate which suppressed it for nearly 2 decades.
    Yes, it’s a store of wealth but no one knows what that will be or what laws will govern it’s tendering during or after an emergency!
    Is it superior to land? NO, not in the USA.
    Was it superior to a single share of GM, Mobile, Bell Telephone or Douglas Aviation? NO.
    Does it look pretty in a safe? Absolutely.

  7. it has not paid off for a friend of mine that was collecting silver coins he was buying every month. He was paying almost $35 a coin after taxes and postage. He bought them for years. 1 ounce silver coins..
    he got into some financial trouble. And he searched for places that he could convert them into cash. It turns out that those places that advertise that they buy gold, silver, jewelry are the places that you take coins made of silver to convert them to cash
    OK so here’s how it works
    they examine each coin.. they check the spot price of silver on the open market at that moment. When my buddy did that I think the price was around $14 an ounce. They don’t care who’s picture is on the coin how pretty the coin is they don’t care if it’s in a plastic case and has never been touched by human hands. The only thing they concern themselves with is, The weight..
    The spot price of silver at that moment was $14 an ounce. He had almost $35 in each coin but that doesn’t matter. He’s not buying he’s selling now..
    from that $14, they deduct 10% per coin. So that makes the coin value $12.60. Then they deduct $.85 per coin transaction fee. so the bottom line was they offered him $11.75 for each coin that he had been collecting for about seven years every month..
    he fell for the sales pitch on all the television commercials that the price of silver is going to go over $50 an ounce soon. They’ve been saying that for about 25 years now..
    it’s not unlike buying your girlfriend an engagement ring. The jeweler may tell you this ring is worth $5000, so that’s the price. If only you could take that ring to a diamond buyer/jeweler before you buy it, and ask him what he would give you for it..
    collecting gold and silver coins is a nice hobby. it might actually pay off in 30 or 40 years for your grandkids if you hang onto the coins. But my friend lost 2/3rds of his cash when he sold his silver coins.. he had just over $3000 invested in those coins over seven years, and they paid him less than $1080. for them

  8. Silver , gold is not good investment. It’s good insurance in case hell break lose worldwide collapse, Weimar style inflation etc. And coins look awesome. You can buy get it’s good fun but its like insurance : you hope you never have to use it.

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